What is this site?

This site provides manageable short urls for our domains.

What is a Short URL?

Short URLs are aliases for full length URLs. Short URLs are useful because:

  1. Short URLs are easier to write down, remember and share
  2. Short URLs are less error-prone to write down
  3. Short URLs are less error-prone to type in to an address bar
  4. Short URLs fit where space is limited, such as:
    • chat
    • email signatures
    • microblogs like twitter
    • printed pieces
    • email clients that impose line breaks on messages at a certain length

For example compare these 2 URLs:

Full length original URL
Shortened URL using this service

They both go to the same place, but the second one is much easier to write down or tell a friend.

How are Short URLs used?

CU*Answers Web Services uses these short urls to support the CU*OverDrive marketing campaigns. They are also used on Twitter to disseminate information and press releases from our various web sites such as,, and It's Me 247 Online Banking.

This private url shortening service functions similarly to the popular service provided by but offers urls that will not expire resulting in what is known as link rot.